Upward & Onward EP

by Matt Script

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This EP would have not been possible without my peers at DePaul University and their tremendous talent.

Lonely Traveler and Upward & Onward: Recorded, Engineered, and Mixed by the class of 2011 SRT students (Noam Wallenberg, Joe Muzyka, Seth Parker, Eric Wedemeyer, Cris Mitchell) at Rax Trax Studio and Studio Chicago in Chicago. Mike Sportiello on Percussion, Noam Wallenberg solo guitar, Max Beckman on Bass.

Late Night Special: Recorded, Engineered, and Mixed by Cris Mitchell at Studio DePaul. Mike Sportiello on Drums, Joe Marcus on Bass.

Not A Fool: Recorded, Engineered, and Mixed by Seth Parker at Studio DePaul. Mike Sportiello on Drums, Joe Marcus on Bass.

Fill It In: Recorded, Engineered, and Mixed by Matt Script and Cris Mitchell. Mike Sportiello on Drums, Phil Chester on Bass, Max Evrard on Keys.

All songs Mastered by Matt Script.
Album photography by Elena Snow.


released April 12, 2011



all rights reserved


Matt Script Buffalo, New York

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Track Name: Lonely Traveler
Distance on the brain
I'll take the autobus on the motorway
And watch the roadsigns lack familiarity
Keep me upon this road

Take me to a land
A place I've never been
With people, tables, song, and dance
To finally rest my head

Give me your finger and a map
Point to anywhere
And then I'll go
I'll write when I get there

Your pretty eyes are sad tonight
And I know why and I know why
Don't be, love, because I'm moving on
Roads are my veins and the city is my heart
We're all a lonely traveler

A boyish figure lives inside
I never thought I'd leave behind
Those simple thoughts I had when I was young
Keep me upon this road

Change is everything
It's all I have
It is my home away from home
Away from home, away from home

Let me move into the void
That we all have
But never act on
I'll be there


Keep me upon this road
Track Name: Upward & Onward
I've reached that marker in the road
And where it leads me to, I don't know
But there's a cold, cold front now moving in
I stick my feet in the water before I jump in

Now you know all there is to show
And you're seemingly less and less alone
So what ya searchin for, what ya hurtin for inside?
It doesn't matter if you were loved once or twice

Hold on, there's a hold on you and it's hard to break loose
Maybe I, well maybe I knew but you were hard to get through
Later on you were hated on but you were made strong
Pick it up, let yourself move up and on and on and on

Well look at us! Look at all that we've made
And look at all the people shaking in their boots afraid
But what ya scared of, what ya scared of little boy?
The big, bad world was made for you to enjoy

Now we've come here at this crossing
And I can't say that I've ever had this feeling
Move on, move on, all we have to do is move on
I keep my eyes on the prize and my memory in the setting sun

Track Name: Late Night Special
If I had a late night special
Who do you think would be my guests?
Everyone I've known worth loving
And the audience would clap

And on camercial break
We'd laugh and smoke and drink
We'd throw the cards away
And count it: 5,4,3,2,1

The special guest would come
You'd be the one, you'd be the--
My audience would show
From the back to the front
And I would be the host
And crack a joke
And make them laugh
On the Late Night Special

The folks at home tune in their TVs
And the ratings go through the roof
The little boys and girls stop playing
And watch the show as they drift off
And when they go to bed
Their moms will kiss their hands
The show has reached the end
So count it: 5,4,3,2,1


And after all the show has ended
I would treat them to one drink
It would make us never have to think
About our troubles

And then the band would play
We'd laugh and dance away
The night would kiss the day
And count it: 5,4,3,2,1

Track Name: Not A Fool
I've been along for the ride
Been along for the ride when I'd rather be driving
You have such brilliant ideas
Such brilliant ideas that I'd love to hear
Maybe next year

I see with my own eyes, hear with my own ears, speak with my own mouth
And I could see a lover for miles, hear a lover for miles
If I only spoke up
If I only spoke up

Honey there's a road for you
I'm not a fool for someone's love
I'm not a fool

My mind's so cluttered with thoughts of you
They'd rather be of thoughts of new
When you said that we're through
But now's my time to shine
I'm a Goddam break light in the night
I'm young and I'm looking for life

So I've been along for the ride
Been along for the ride for so long now
And I'm steppin' one foot at a time
Yea one foot at a time like I taught myself how
Like I taught myself how